Undergraduate Research Projects
Academic Year 2018/2019
Direct-intake Stream
Title Student Supervisor(s)
An Approach for Handling Upgrade Deployments of Microservices Coupled with Database Logic A. G. D. Dilip Udara Gunawardhana Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
ASL Finger Recognition System A. H. Rasika Priyadarshani Dr. A. Ramanan
Recommendation System for Hotel Search using Artificial Intelligence Abhimani Illangasinghe Dr. A. Ramanan
E-News Summarization Ajanthy Jayarajan Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
Prediction of Corn Yield Using Drone Mapping AJM Rizvi Mr.S. Shriparen
Anomaly Detection Using Deep Learning Approach in Data Communication Network Anuka Sanjaya Dr. K. Thabotharan
Hate Speech Detection in Sinhala Using CNN D. M. Sanuja Lakshitha Dr. M. Siyamalan
3D Mesh Reconstruction(to get AR view) Without 3D Supervision with Using Minimum Real Images H. W. R. Lelantha Hendawitharana Mr. S. Suthakar
Predicting the Outcome of Football Matches Using CNN H.M.Sahan Dilruk Herath Dr. M. Siyamalan
Use Mininet-wifi as a Emulator and Establish Software Defined Wireless Networks Jenushanth Dr. K. Thabotharan
Dynamic Traffic Diversion in Software Defined Network M. A. Arham Dr. K. Thabotharan
Image-based Malware Classification Methusha Thuraisingam Dr. A. Ramanan
CDN(Content Distribution Network) Replicant Techniques Munawwar Ahamed Dr. K. Thabotharan
Improving Cache Replacement Policy Using Machine Learning Technique N. D. Dodanwala Mr.S. Shriparen
AI-based Thread Pool Tuning in Micro-service Applications N. A. Muhandiram Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
Heart Disease Detection R. M. Yashodha Nilmini Dr. A. Ramanan
Detecting Motorcyclists without Helmet R. M. C. K. Rathnayake Dr. A. Ramanan
An Augmented Approach for Recognising Sri Lankan Currency Note R. S. L. Jayasinghe Dr. A. Ramanan
Foreign Exchange Currency Rate Prediction Using Machine Learning R. L. Liyanage Dr. M. Siyamalan
A Comparative Study of Searching Algorithms for Parallel Architecture Ruwan Kalpage Mr. S. Suthakar
Content Distribution Network Method S. M. Wazeem Dr. K. Thabotharan
Landmark Recognition in Asian Region Using Deep Learning S. A. Samila Chanuka Dr. A. Ramanan
Integration of Wireless Sensor Network to Cloud Services for Smart Bicycler Safna Sinnoon Mr.S. Shriparen
Abnormality Detection Using X-Ray Images(Covid-19) Shan Fravin Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
User Authentication using EEG Signals (Brain Waves) Sinthuja Vijayananthan Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
Parallel Implementation of Connected Components Algorithm T. D. Pramuditha Chamikara Mr. S. Suthakar
Grey wolf optimization based clustering algorithm for vehicular ad-hoc networks,Cooperative Data Scheduling in Hybrid Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks: VANET as a Software Defined Network T.M.G C. Bandara Tennakoon Dr. K. Thabotharan
Automated Named Entity Recognition from Tamil Documents Thushankgi Balachandran Dr. S. Mahesan
Convolutional Neural Network for Human Tracking U. Samitha Dilan Samaraweera Dr. A. Ramanan
Morphological Analyzer and Generator for Tamil Vithursha Sivakumaran Dr. S. Mahesan
Realtime Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles W. M. Rayan Aradha Mr. S. Suthakar
Fashion Image Classification and Attribute Detection W. N. N.Fernando Dr. A. Ramanan
Spam Detection on Twitter Based on Sentiment Analysis Yothika Yogeswaran Dr. A. Ramanan
Physical Science Stream
Path Planning for The Swarm of UAVs Using Parallel Programming Approach A. J. Nickson Joram Mr. S. Suthakar
Flying Adhoc Network (FANETs) Simulation Based Performance Comparison of Routing Protocols A. A. C. D. Adikari Dr. K. Thabotharan
How the future climate of Sri Lanka will change and how it will affect paddy yield A. P. Pulinda Prabath Sankalpa Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
Handwriting Recognition B. Sahanaa Dr. M. Siyamalan
Acknow of Kidney Disease Using Soft Computing Technology E. M. S. H. Ekanayaka Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
Automatic Facial Makeup Detection Kajitha Veerasingam Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
Copy-move Image Forgery Detection Kesavi Kanesalingam Dr. A. Ramanan
Handling Traffic in SDN Using Deep Learning Ketheeswaran Abiram Dr. K. Thabotharan
Modified Effective Path Formation for Swarm Robotics Using Task Allocation & Evolutionary Algorithm Lavanya Ratnabala Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
Transformation of 2D Floor Plan to 3D Luxana Sivakumaran Mr. S. Suthakar
Plagiarism Detection in Tamil Text M. Ahmadh Munzir Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
Traffic Signs Recognition using CNN M. H. Ijas Mohamed Mr.S. Shriparen
Multi Lable Classification for Dresses Mathangi Sivananthan Dr. M. Siyamalan
Face Mask Detection using Deep Learning. Mohamed Zakee Mr.S. Shriparen
Detection of Plant Leaf Diseases using Image Processing P. D. Kularajapathi Dr. Mrs. B. Mayurathan
5G Mobile Networks Based on SDN Concepts Puvanendrarasa Rushanthan Dr. K. Thabotharan
Plankton Classifaction Rammiah Jeyakumar Dr. M. Siyamalan
Fabric Defect Detection S. M. Y. Kaveesha Senanayake Dr. M. Siyamalan
Predicting Network Attack Patterns in SDN using Machine Learning Approach Sivananthan Marujan Dr. K. Thabotharan
Parallel Algorithm for The Symmetric Eigenvalue Problem in Mathematics in Order to Speed up The Process Tharmika Kulenthiran Mr. S. Suthakar
Academic Year 2017/2018
Direct-intake Stream
Title Student Supervisor(s)
Automated Cyclist Detection Using Deep Learning A. D. T. Dilhara Dr. T. Kokul & Dr. A. Ramanan
Identifying Twitter’s Bot Account With Machine Learning Approaches Ajaya Karki Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
Clothing Attribute Pattern Recognition Using Deep Learning Anjalin Nirupa N. Dr. A. Ramanan
Personal Persistent Back-up Architecture Using Opportunistic Networks B. U. Premarathne Dr.K. Thabotharan
An Improved Database Querying with Parallel Computing C. K. Jayawardane Mr. S. Suthakar
Find Popularity Distribution of YouTube Video Categories for a particular Region in given Time Range Chathushka M. Dr. S. Mahesan
Business Message Classsification H. C. Bandara Dr. M. Siyamalan
Detecting Network Behaviours Using Machine Learning on Simple Network Management Protocol H. M D. Dharmasena Dr. K. Thabotharan
A Novel Web Proxy Cache Replacement Policy J. B. K. S. Pathirana Dr. K. Thabotharan
3D Model Construction From 2D Sketch J. Samson Mr. S. Suthakar
Visual Object Tracking Using Deep Learning Justus Nithushan Dr. T. Kokul & Dr. A. Ramanan
Managing Health Records Using Decentralized Identity Management M. N. M. Muaz Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
Automatic Approach to Analyze and Extract 2D Floor Plans M. Santhusan Mr. S. Suthakar
A Hierarchical Approach for Singing Vocal Matching M. Vaaz Dilanson Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
Surface Defects Detection Mayuravaani M. Dr. M. Siyamalan
Evaluating the Accuracy And Efficiency of Multiple Sequence Alignment Methods Menuja S. Dr.(Mrs) B. Mayurathan
Acoustic Scene Classification Using Deep Learning Narmatha J. Dr. A. Ramanan
Musical Instrument Identification in Polyphonic Music P. Thamilvaanan Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
Retail Forecasting R. M. Pasan Lahiru Dr. S. Mahesan
Parallelizing Active Contour Model with Multiple Initial Contours S. B. Wijesinghe Mr. S. Suthakar
SEMG Hand Gesture Classification for Prosthetic Arm Using Convolutional Neural Network and Pressure Sensory Feedback T. Kalaineethan Mr. S. Suthakar
Obstacle Avoidance And Voice Assistant for Visually Impaired People T. Thanuskanth Dr. S. Mahesan
Brain Tumor Recognition Using Statistical Feature Extraction Method Theevika A. Dr. (Mrs) B. Mayurathan
Distributed Media Streaming Using BitTorrent Approach V. M. B. Rasnakawewa Dr. K. Thabotharan
Detection and Recognition of Weeds Using CNN and Image Processing W. K. A. R. Walpola Dr. M. Siyamalan
Gender Identification on Handwritings Using Bag-of-Features Approach W. R. I. N. Kalugalla Dr. M. Siyamalan
Physical Science Stream
Weather Classification using transfer learning Amalaseeli A. Dr. M. Siyamalan
Incorporating behavioural features for sentiment analysis B.K. S. N. Rodrigo Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
Sentiment analysis in singhala language : Alexical based approach B.K.M. D. N. Rodrigo Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
Detection and classification of rice disease using support vector machine D. Bandara Dr. (Mrs) B. Mayurathan
Gender classification on real-world face images E.P.R. S. Ethugala Dr. A. Ramanan
Recognition of handwritten tamil characterers Using convolutional neural network G. Ananthan Dr. M. Siyamalan
Text information extraction from images Kavidha B. Dr. (Mrs) B. Mayurathan
Driving style recognition in vehicle system Lawshiga T. Dr. (Mrs) B. Mayurathan
Automatic singer identification M.P.D.T.Priyankara Dr. A. Ramanan
Optimized multipath QUIC packet Scheduling M.Sathursan Dr. K. Thabotharan
A comparative study to measure the performance of webRTC using SCTP and QUIC for data channel Nirubikaa R. Dr. K. Thabotharan
Musical instrument family classsification using convolutional neural network Nivetha N. Dr. (Mrs) B. Mayurathan
Effective path formation swarm robotics cooperative tasks application P. V. Robinroy Dr. S. Mahesan
Facial Expression recognition using convolutional R.M.A. H. Manewa Dr. (Mrs) B. Mayurathan
Find the geographical location using the image scene and image took date and time S. Nilogithan Mr. S. Suthakar
Congestion control tuning of the QUIC protocol S. Sangarlal Dr.K. Thabotharan
Flower species recognition based on digital images S.M.M.S.Jeyawardhana Dr. A. Ramanan
Classification of retinal images using image processing techniques S.Sampavi Dr. (Mrs) B. Mayurathan
Fruits recognition using deep learning Saruhashini M. Dr. A. Ramanan
Sentiment analysis in singhala texts using convolution neural network Sewmi Herath Dr. M. Siyamalan
Retinal vessel segmentation based on maximum principal curvature Vijiththa T. Dr. M. Siyamalan
Landmark recognition in asian region using convolutional neural network W.A.A.D. Nimeshika Dr. A. Ramanan
Static hand gesture recognition for sign language with bag of word model W.G.A.B. Chandrasena Dr. M. Siyamalan
Academic Year 2016/2017
Direct-intake Stream
Title Student Supervisor(s)
Speech to Sign Language Translation Understand The Speech and Change It to Suitable for Sign Language A. Tharsikan Dr. S. Mahesan
Network Intrusion Detection Using Machine Learning A. Thuvaragan Dr. M. Siyamalan
Fingerprint Recognition Using Minutiae Based ORB(BRIEF) A.R. Madushanka Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
Vehicle Logo Recognition D.M.D.C. Dissanayake Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
Plant Leaf Classification Using Convolutional Neural Network Dhanesh Kumar Dr. M. Siyamalan
Single Image Fog Removal Using Image Processing H.M.C.M.B. Rathnayaka Mr. S. Suthakar
Restoration of Digitized Images of Damaged Murals Using Image Processing Techniques K.A.S.R. Thilakarathna Mr. S. Suthakar
Software Defined Network Traffic Monitoring K.M. Hafni Dr. K. Thabotharan
Noise Removal From Color Images Based on Super Pixel Segmentation M.M.R.S. Manathunga Dr. A. Ramanan
Solar Energy Forecasting With Machine Learning Approaches MD Sabbir Hossain Dr. M. Siyamalan
Road Traffic Congestion Control Using VANET-Hybrid Approach N. Pirunthapan Dr. K. Thabotharan
Tamil Character Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network S. Jathurshan Dr. M. Siyamalan
Classification of Books Based on Its Cover Images S. Paheerathan Dr. M. Siyamalan
A Robust Parallel Implementation of Active Contours Saranya B. Mr. S. Suthakar
Detection and Classification of Apple Fruit Diseases Using Local Binary Patterns T.M.S.U. Tennakoon Dr. (Mrs) B. Mayurathan
A Lossy Grayscale Image Compression Based on Delaunay Triangulation T.M.V.D. Gunasekara Dr. A. Ramanan
Physical Science Stream
Driver Drowsiness Monitoring Based on Yawning Detection In Real Time A.L. Nirmal Mr. S. Suthakar
An Attention Based Convolutional Nerual Network For Landmark Recognition In Asian Region A.S.A. Perera Dr. A. Ramanan
Opinion Spam Detection In Online Reviews Using Neural Networks Archchitha K. Dr. E.Y.A. Charles
A Novel Approach to Natural Language Query Processing Arulmalar M. A. Dr.S.Mahesan
Detection of Red Ripe Tomatoes on Plants Using Image Processing Techniques G. A. D. K. Tharaka Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
A Hybrid Data Forwading Approach for Oppotunistic Network H. P. Malki Maduka Dr. K. Thabotharan
Fuzzy Logic Approach to Develop an Expert System for Medical Diagnosis K. Derushan Dr.S.Mahesan
Performance Evaluation of Faucet SDN Controller K. K. S. Kariyakarawana Dr. E.Y.A. Charles
A Performance Evaluation Study of Selected TCP Protocols on Wireless AD-HOC Networking Environments K.A.K.M. Kaluarachchi Dr. K. Thabotharan
Automatically Reconstruct 2D Architectural Plan Into 3D Building Model M. G. A. Keshan Priyanath Mr. S. Suthakar
A Descriptive Analysis of Researcher Collaboration Using Social Media Network Analysis Mathura S. Dr. K. Thabotharan
Analysis of Medical Sensor Data Towards Health Disorder Identification Meruja S. Dr. E.Y. A. Charles
Copy Move Image Forgery Detection Using SIFT Descriptors Parkavi K. Dr. A. Ramanan
A Novel Approach for Tamil – English Translation and Vice Versa Using RNN R. Kasthuriraajan Dr. S. Mahesan
An Improved Approach of Iterative Keypoint Selection With Spatial Pyramid Matching for Visual Object Classification R.M.S. Ranathunga Dr. A. Ramanan
A Novel Approach of Voice Recognition Using MFCC and GMM, Speech Recognition and Text Recognition To Assist for Email Communication for Visually Impaired People Senthuja K. Dr.S.Mahesan
HEp-2 Specimen Image Classification Using CNN Shawmiya Y. Dr. M. Siyamalan
Speech Emotion Recognition Using Deep Learning on Audio Recordings Suganya S. Dr. E.Y.A. Charles
Community Based Routing Algorithm for Mobile Opportunistic Networks T.T.D.M. Fernando Dr.K.Thabotharan
A Deep Learning Approach for Anomaly Detection In Data Communication Network Thameera T. Dr. K. Thabotharan
Action Recognition In Videos Using Convolutional and Spatial-Temporal Interest Point Features Tharmini T. Dr. A. Ramanan
Information Retrieval From Sri Lankan Government Gazzete Thushani R. Dr. E.Y.A. Charles
Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy Images Varnitha S. Dr. M. Siyamalan
Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data to Predict User Emotions Vithusha M. Dr.K.Thabotharan
Online Handwriting Recognition In Sinhala W.S.H.S. Senananyaka Mr. S. Suthakar
Academic Year 2015/2016
Direct-intake Stream
Title Student Supervisor(s)
Learning from Small Dataset to Build a Classification Model for Men’s Clothing Mr. A. Thushanthan Dr. A. Ramanan
Finding Shortest Path in Sequential Method Ms. Anoja R. Mr. S. Suthakar
A Web-Based Dengue Alert System Ms. Fathima Aksha M. H. Dr. S. Mahesan
Stream Data Analysis Using Sensor Data Mr. G.I.H.N. Senarathna Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
Detection and Recognition of Traffic Signs Mr. H.M.Y. Dananjaya Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
Image Reconstruction Based On Local Feature Descriptors Ms. Hemaroopiny G. Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
Face Make-up Detection Ms. Inoka Rasanjalee Dr. S. Mahesan
An Approach to Object Classification by Comparing Deep & Shallow Learning Method Ms. Jeyapriya Malathy A. Dr. A. Ramanan
2D Blueprint to 3D Mapping with Augmented Reality Mr. M. Dhanusan Mr. S. Suthakar
Promoting Congestion Controll in Opportunistic Networks – A Novel Approach. Mr. Malith Aravinda Dr. K. Thabotharan
Intrusion Detection in Private Cloud via Machine Learning Approach Mr. N. Sivakaresh Dr. K. Thabotharan
Number Plate Detection and Character Segmentation Ms. Vani T. Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
Physical Science Stream
Automatic Summarization of Student Feedback Mr. A. Venuraj  
A Model to Predict the Next Page the User will Visit Next. Ms. Ambujaa S. Dr. E. Y. A. Charles &
Mr. K. Sarveswaran
Silhouette Image Classification Using Bag of Local Features Ms. Bamini T. Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
Online Sketching for 2D Geometrical Shapes Ms. Fathima Fasla F. M. Mr. S. Suthakar
Efficient Approach to BoF Generation in Object Classification Ms. Hansamali D.M. Dr. A. Ramanan
An Enhanced Friendship and Selfishness Forwarding: Applying Machine Learning Techniques to Opportunistic Networks Data Forwarding Mr. J. A. P. N. Madushanka Dr. K. Thabotharan
Fingerprint Liveness Detection from Single Image Using PHOG & LBP Ms. Janaki P. Dr. S. Mahesan
Scan Document Noise Removal Methods Ms. Keerthana A. Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
Machine Learning Approach to Improve Flower Classification Using Multiple Feature Set Ms. Kishotha S. Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
An Augmented Approach for Recognising Srilankan Currency Notes Ms. Kogilawanee B. Dr. A. Ramanan
Driver Profiling Based Anti-theft Method Mr. L. Praveenath Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
Shortest path finding using GPU Mr. S. Gobishanth Mr. S. Suthakar
Action Recognition with CNN Features Using Binary-key Frames Ms. Siriwardena E. T. D. D. Z. Dr. A. Ramanan
Represent large datasets with smaller representative sample Ms. Sivanirojini K. Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
A Chain Code Approach for Image Compression Ms. Sobiha S. Mr. S. Suthakar
Twitter Sentiment Analysis Mr. T. Pakikaran Dr. K. Thabotharan
Sign Language Recognition Ms. Tharmila P. Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
Leaf Classification Ms. Vinthija R. Dr. A. Ramanan
Academic Year 2014/2015
Direct-intake Stream
Title Student Supervisor(s)
Study On Stock Market Investment Using Artificial Neural Network Mr. M. U. Ahamed Imad Dr. E.Y.A. Charles
Home appliance automation and monitoring System Mr. A. Arunpragash Mr. K. Sarveswaran
Speak Recognizing Embedded Systems for Blind people Mr. F. M. Aslal Sujath Dr. K. Thabotharan
Automatic 3D Model generation from Architectural Plan Mr. I. D. Q. Balendra Mr. K. Sarveswaran
Home control system with Hand gestures recognition Mr. T. Giritharan Dr. K. Thabotharan
Detecting vehicle logos using e-SURF and vocabulary voting strategy Mr. G.S.R. Gunathunga Dr. A. Ramanan
Ultrasonic repeller Mr. M. Janahan Mr. K. Sarveswaran
Prediction of Movie success using Sentiment Analysis of Tweets Ms. Jena A. Dr. E.Y.A. Charles
Energy ADHOC Network Mr. J. Kalaivarman Dr. K. Thabotharan
Senior Citizen Assistant Ms. Kalaiyarasi G. Mr. K. Sarveswaran
Efective text to speach system for Sinhala language Mr. K.A.H.M. Karunathilake Mr. K. Sarveswaran
Logo detection in document Images based on boundary extension of feature rectangles. Ms. Kopitha K. Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
A Distance Transform method for finding Shortest path in Robot Navigation Mr. J. Kowsikan Mr. S. Suthakar
Near Duplicate Image Detection Mr. S. Kugarajeevan Dr. A. Ramanan
Analysis of Road Traffic Accidents Using Data Mining Mr. K. L. P. P. Liyanaarachchi Dr. E.Y.A. Charles
Proximity Marketing Using Wi-Fi Mr. K. L. Mohamed Rifan Dr. K. Thabotharan
Classification of flower images using image processing techniques Ms. Sukila L. Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
Integration of Clustering and Association Rule mining with Prioritizing Mr. M. Tharaka Dulaj Dr. E.Y.A. Charles
Performance Analzing Of Routing Protocols Mr. Y. Vishnuwarthan Dr. K. Thabotharan
Physical Science Stream
Title Student Supervisor(s)
Efficient content dissemination in resource constraint opportunistic networks based on the interest count. Mr. W.A.M.D.M. Bandara Dr. K. Thabotharan
Visual object classification using max-win voting hyperspheres Ms. Dharshika S. Dr. A. Ramanan
Analysis of Currency Exchange Rate using Data Mining Techniques Ms. Hamsavasini V. Dr. E.Y.A. Charles
Feature Fusion for Efficient Object Classification Using Deep and Shallow Learning Ms. Janani T. Dr. A. Ramanan
Software-Based Fingerprint Liveness Detection Using Image Quality Assessment (IQA) Ms. Jeyarani S. Mr. S. Suthakar
Personal Persistent Backup/Restore architecture in Opportunistic Networks (PBR Protocol) Mr. A. I. U. Kumara Dr. K. Thabotharan
Improving the statistical machine translation using linguistic information Mr. Laventhiran T. Mr. K. Sarveswaran
Automatic Attendance Marking System Using Face Recognition Ms. Mayuri S. Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
Facial Age Estimation Using Image Processing Techniques Mr. M. N. Mohamed Mishahir Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
Analysis of Nitrogen Using Image Processing and IOT Mr. M. R. Mohammad Naseer Mr. K. Sarveswaran
A Web-based Dengue Detection and Prevention System Ms. Nirthika R. Dr. A. Ramanan
Sign language recognition for deaf and dumb Ms. Sayintha K. Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
Comparative Investigation of K-MEANS and ROCK Algorithms on Categorical Data Ms. Sankalpani Sewwandika K. A. Dr. E.Y.A. Charles
Tamil Grammar Checker Ms. Sivaramya S. Mr. K. Sarveswaran
Labelling Connected Components in Binary Images Using Parallel Processing System Mr. S. Sulaksan Mr. S. Suthakar
Leaf Feature Extraction & Recognition Approach to Classify Plant using SVM Ms. Sutharsika S. Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
Road Sign Detection and Recognition Ms. Tharsaa V. Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
A new proxy cache replacement policy using svm and näive bayes theorem Mr. V. Vithushan Dr. K. Thabotharan
Academic Year 2013/2014
Title Student Supervisor(s)
Measuring the concentration of bands in PCR Gel images Ms. Arulini, S Dr. A. Ramanan
Infant Caretaker: A system to identify baby cry and entertain crying baby Ms. Biruntha, G Mr. K. Sarveswaran
Finger Spelling Recognition in American Sign Language Ms. Devishanthini, M Dr. A. Ramanan
Patch-based approach for silhouette image classification Ms. Dharsika, P Dr. A. Ramanan
Web Application for Drawing two Dimensional structure for Organic Compounds from IUPAC names Mr. V. Gamshan Mr. S. Suthakar &
Dr. S. Mahesan
Right2Sight Mr. S. Jayasingha Mr. K. Sarveswaran
A Hop-count and Time based MANET Routing Protocol Mr. R. Kumaran Dr. K. Thabotharan
Analysis with different protocols for mobile ad-hoc network Mr. T. Leenas Mr. S. Shriparen
A psychological based analysis of Marketing Email Subject Lines Mr. R. Miller Dr. E.Y.A. Charles
Big data analysis using WSO2 ML Mr. B. Mohamed Zajith Dr. E.Y.A. Charles
Centralized Server System For Job Distribution Ms. Nawarathne, A. M. N Mr. S. Suthakar
Consumer buying pattern analysis using an efficient approach Mr. M. I. M. Nifras Mr. K. Sarveswaran
A Machine Learning Approach to Improve the Performance of Web Proxy Cache Replacement Mr. S. Nimishan Mr. S. Shriparen
Bat-Based Game Detection Mr. J. Pirathapan Mr. S. Suthakar
Plant Leaves Classification Using Geometrical and Region Based Features Mr. K. Raam Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan
Categorised Based Sentimental Analysis on Twitter Data Ms. Safrana, I. F Mr. S. Shriparen
Emotion Classification Using Acoustic Features Ms. Shajni, A Dr. A. Ramanan
Voice Controlled Wheelchair For Physically Disabled Patients Mr. N. Siriwardhana Dr. K. Thabotharan
Tamil Corpus Retrieval Engine using Apache Solr Mr. K. Suwarnakumar Mr. K. Sarveswaran
Sketch Recognition and Modification System Mr. K. Thanushan Mr. S. Suthakar
Academic Year 2012/2013
Title Student Supervisor(s)
Language Localisation of Tamil using Statistical Machine Translation Mr. Y. Achchuthan Mr. K. Sarveswaran
Web User Access Pattern Analysis on Proxy Log Data Ms. Ann Sinthusha, A. Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
Managing Web Request Efficiently by Analyzing Proxy Server cache replacement policies Using Big Data Techniques Mr. T. Hariprasath Mr. S. Shriparen
Expert system for A/L students Ms. Kalyani, Y. Dr. S. Mahesan
Question Answering using Natural Language Processing Ms. Kanapriya, K. Dr. S. Mahesan
An Experimental Study of Tag-based Cooperation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Mr. K. Kapilan Dr. K. Thabotharan
Creating Compact and Discriminative Visual Vocabularies using Visual Bits Ms. Kirishanthy, T. Dr. A. Ramanan
Analysis of Road Accidents using Data Mining Techniques Mr. V. Mugunthan Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
Control the Electronic devices Connected With the Raspberry pi Through our Voice commands(MySon). Mr. H. M. Rajjaz Dr. K. Thabotharan
Y-Bridge A Matching module to Bridge Undergraduate students with Academic and Industry-based supervisors Ms. Samantha Tharani, J. Dr. A. Ramanan
Bat-based game detection Ms. Sopitha, T. Mr. S. Suthakar
Identifying the user patterns of students in Learning management systems Mr. A. Suthakaran Dr. E. Y. A. Charles
Single image fog removal based on fusion strategy Ms. Thulasika, V. Dr. A. Ramanan
Utilizing the GPU architecture for Parallel Computing Mr. S. Vivekananthan Mr. S. Suthakar
Academic Year 2011/2012
Title Student Supervisor(s)
Statistical Machine Translation for Software Localization Ms. Arththika, P. Mr. K. Sarveswaran
Trust and Distrust for online Social Network Mr. T. Inkaran Dr. K. Thabotharan
Tamil Spell Checker using Hybrid Approach Ms. Jananie, S. Mr. K. Sarveswaran
An Automated Distributed Storage System Mr. R. Jarachanthan Mr. K. Sarveswaran
A Network Intrusion Detection System Ms. Jeyapratheepa, J. Dr. A. Ramanan
One-Pass Clustering Superpixels Mr. Y. Kesavan Dr. A. Ramanan
Person Detection using Gradient-based Features Ms. Maria Delaxy, J. Dr. A. Ramanan
Sketch Recognition System Ms. Narmatha, M. Mr. S. Suthakar
Convergence of Ad-hoc mobile Networks Mr. V. Nishanth Dr. K. Thabotharan
Hierarchical Approach for Publishing an Electronic Calendar Ms. Shakila, S. Mr. K. Sarveswaran
Sensor-based Android Application for Health Maintenance Mr. M. Thinesh Dr. K. Thabotharan
Academic Year 2010/2011
Title Student Supervisor(s)
An Adaptive User Interface Design for Mobile Web Application Miss. Keerthika, M. Dr. K. Thabotharan
A Pixel-based foreground-background segmentation of front-view cars Mr. G.Kirushanthan Dr. A. Ramanan
Study on Data Mining techniques and apply it to local contest Ms. Lukshica, D. Dr. E.Y.A. Charles
A Comparison of Patch Based Descriptors in Face Recognition Mr. M.Manivasakan Dr. A. Ramanan
Analysis on K-Means & SOM and Application on locally available data Mr. S. Mayooran Dr. E.Y.A. Charles
A Model Calendar Ms. Meera, V. Mr. K. Sarveswaran
Social Network Analysis Towards Information Extraction Mr. N. Nilashan Dr. K. Thabotharan
Social Network Tool For Potential Friends Suggestion Mr. V. Ramanan Dr. K. Thabotharan
A Low Cost, Delay Tolerant Mobile Application to Well-informed the Rural Population
in Sri Lanka
Mr. S. Sharthrak Niroshan Dr. K. Thabotharan
An Energy Profiling of MANET Routing Protocols Mr. S. Thenuzan Dr. K. Thabotharan
Mobile Terminal Based Attendance Registering System using Near Field Communication (NFC) Ms. Vanaja, K. Mr. K. Sarveswaran
Machine Learning Approaches for Feature Selection and Classification Mr. G. Vijayakanthan Dr. A. Ramanan
Academic Year 2009/2010
Title Student Supervisor(s)
A Side-view Car Detection Approach Using Contours. Mr. A. Chandiliyan Dr. A. Ramanan
Web based student management system. Mr. R. Kathees Dr. E. Y. A Charles
On the Spot Accident Reporting System. Mr. V. Kaveevendan &
Mr. S. Ranjith
Dr. K. Thabotharan
Pair wise Information Exchanger using Smart Mobile Devices. Mr. T. Kirupathiran Dr. K. Thabotharan
Silhouette Image Classification using Speeded Up Robust Feature. Mr. S. Mayurathan Dr. A. Ramanan
A Community Information Exchange. Mr. K. Nitharshan Dr. K. Thabotharan
Share Market tool using web service. Mr. S. Paraparan Dr. E. Y. A Charles
Comparison of different Kernels using Support Vector Machine. Mr. A. Rajeevan Dr. A. Ramanan
Computational analysis of PCR gel images. Miss. Shiyama, S Dr. A. Ramanan &
Dr. S. N. Surendran
Clustering using Spiking Neural Network. Miss. Sinthiya, T. Dr. E. Y. A Charles
Laboratory Test Management System for Department of Pathology, Jaffna Teaching Hospital. Mr. P. Thivakaran Dr. A. Ramanan &
Dr. E. Y. A Charles
Determination of annealing temperature for a PCR product. Mrs. Vasuki, R. Dr. S. N. Surendran &
Dr. A. Ramanan
Academic Year 2008/2009
Title Student Supervisor(s)
Data Management in Loosely Coupled ways Mr. K. Anurathan Dr. M. Sabesan &
Dr. K. Thabotharan
Developing a Tool to Implement and Analyse Data link Layer Protocols. Miss. Jeevaki, G. Dr. K. Thabotharan
Vehicular Ad-hoc Network. Mr. A. Kanisto Dr. K. Thabotharan
A Comparative Study to Analyze the Impact of social Network Media on Jaffna University Students. Miss. Niroginy, P. Dr. K. Thabotharan
Classification of Ground Water in Sri Lanka using Data Mining. Mr. P. Pratheeban Dr. E. Y. A Charles
Bag-of-keypoints Representation: A fast approach for multi-class texture classification. Miss. Paheerathy, R. Dr. A. Ramanan
Parallel Computing: Demonstration of a message passing interface. Miss. Rathai, T. Dr. A. Ramanan &
Mr. S. Suthakar
Empirical Study of Combined Effect of the Reactive Protocols on Mobile Ad-hoc Networks using Jist/SWANS Simulator. Mr. S. Sivasuthan Dr. K. Thabotharan
Tamil Spell Checker. Mr. K. Tharsan Dr. S. Mahesan
Classification using Spiking Neural Networks. Miss. Tharshini, V. Dr. E.Y.A. Charles
Develop a Light Weight Tools for Social Network Analysis Mr. V. Visithan Dr. K. Thabotharan
Academic Year 2007/2008
Title Student Supervisor(s)
Recognition of printed Tamil alphabet characters. Mr. T. Kokul Dr. E. Y. A Charles
A tool for extract abnormal region from Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI). Mr. A. Rasekaran Mr. S. Suthakar
Implement the Epidemic routing protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks in Jist/SWANS simulator and measure its performance in the presence of different combinations of queuing policies and forwarding strategies for routing in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs). Mr. R. Sakuntharaj Dr. K. Thabotharan
Implementation of pre-processor for MySQL with user interfaces using Visual C#.Net. Mr. K. Santhanakirishnan Dr. E. Y. A Charles
Project support system tools. Mr. T.Thevatharshan Dr. E. Y. A Charles
Implementing the performance of Optimized Link State routing protocol for the Jist/SWANS simulator. Miss. Vijitha, M. Dr. K. Thabotharan
Academic Year 2006/2007
Title Student Supervisor(s)
Learning tool for Abacus operations. Miss. P. Arumainayagam Dr S. Mahesan
Click to dial to web users Miss. P. Shanmugalingam Dr E. Y. A Charles
A database management system for public information of Point – Pedro divisional secretary. Miss. G. Ganeshamoorthy Dr. E. Y. A Charles
Database management system of patient detail of cancer treatment unit. Miss. S. Santhirapalan Dr. E. Y. A Charles
A performance comparison of mobility models for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks. Mr. R. Sathees Dr. K. Thabotharan
Visualization of Brain Magnetic Resonance Images (MRI) and abnormal region identification. Mr. S. Sotheeswaran Mr. S. Suthakar
An automated system for inventory management in University. Mr. K. Kalaichelvan Mrs. R. Mahesan
Academic Year 2005/2006
Title Student Supervisor(s)
Comparison of different keyboard layouts for typing in Tamil. Miss. B.Ganesharajah Dr. S. Mahesan
Ebook for acid based tritution. Miss. Y. Paramsothy Dr. S. Mahesan
A proxy server to monitor web traffic Miss. V. Kumarasivam Dr S. Mahesan
Character Recognition using artificial neural networks. Mr. M. Siyamalan Dr S. Mahesan
Automatic number plate recognition. Mr. V. Vinokaran Dr S. Mahesan
J2EE APIS and deploying web services using Java. Mr. V. Senthooran Dr S. Mahesan
Online E-Services system for contract services. Mr. B. Tharushan Dr S. Mahesan