Postgraduate Research Projects
Title Student Supervisor(s)
An Automated Visual Surveillance System for Human Detection Mr. T. Kokul
  • Prof. Clinton Fookes (QUT)
  • Prof. Sridha Sridharan (QUT)
  • Dr. A. Ramanan (UoJ)
  • Dr. (Ms.) U.A.J. Pinidiyaarachchi (UoP)
Efficient and Compact Codebook Design for Scene Analysis and Object Localisation Ms. B. Mayurathan
  • Dr. (Ms.) U.A.J. Pinidiyaarachchi (UoP)
  • Dr. S. Mahesan (UoJ)
  • Prof. M. Niranjan (University of Southampton, UK)
Information System for Recording and Reporting of Communicable Diseases in Sri Lanka Ms. K. Chandrasekar
  • Dr. S. Mahesan
  • Dr. Peter A. Bath (University of Sheffield, UK)


Title Student Supervisor(s)
A Hybrid approach for Tamil spelling checker using Tamil grammar Mr. R. Sakuntharaj Dr. S. Mahesan
Training images vs discriminative features on the construction of codebook to recognise visual objects Mr. V. Vinoharan Dr. A. Ramanan
A Novel Approach to Recognising Trademarks of Cars Mr. S. Sotheeswaran Dr. A. Ramanan
A Study on Printed Tamil Character Recognition Mr. M. Ramanan Dr. A. Ramanan
Dr. E.Y.A. Charles
Automatic Text Documents Categorisation Ms. Y. Ram Ramanan Dr. E.Y.A. Charles
A Model for Semi Automatic Image Segmentation of Brain Tumours Mr. S. Suthakar Dr. S. Mahesan


Title Student Supervisor(s)