The vision of the Department is to be recognised centre of Computer Science learning in Sri Lanka.


The mission of the Department is to produce competent graduates who excel in learning and research in computer science and who could contribute to the development of the nation.


Established in early 1991 in the Faculty of Science introducing Computer Science as a subject by the untiring effort of Professor K. Kunaratnam, Senior Professor of Physics with the rational support of Professor S. Mageswaran, Senior Professor of Chemistry, and a few other faculty members. Professor K. Kunaratnam was appointed as the first Head of the Department. A Senior Lecturer, Mr. S. Kanaganathan, and two Assistant Lecturers Mr. S Mahesan and Mr. M. Umasuthan were transferred to the Department from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics with the authentic co-operation of the then Head of the Department who kindly agreed to transfer these staff members.

A portion of the ground floor of the “Mathematics block” was assigned to the Department. Until end of 1991, the Computer Unit and the Department of Computer Science had the same premises for the microcomputer laboratory. Then a laboratory was allocated separately to the Department. In 1995, one of the laboratories of Computer Unit was allocated to the Department. The laboratory had been equipped gradually over the years since 1992. Also a departmental reference section was established by the pioneer Head, Professor K. Kunaratnam with a good number of useful Computer Science text books. Unfortunately, literally all the equipment and all the books were found lost when we returned from the places to where we displaced during the mass exodus that occurred in October/November 1995. Equipping the laboratory had to be started from nothing once again since 1996 on return to the main campus after the exodus.

Heads of the Department




   Prof K Kunaratnam

   01 January 1991

   22 November 1993

   Dr S Kanaganathan

   23 November 1993

   24 January 1996

   Dr S Mahesan (Acting)

   25 January 1996

   31 March 1997

   Dr S Mahesan

   01 April 1997

   31 August 1999

   Mr S Kannan (Acting)

   01 September  1999

        September 2000

   Prof R Kumaravadivel (Overseen)

        September 2000

    07 November 2000

   Dr S Mahesan

   08 November 2000

   29 February 2008

   Dr E Y A Charles

   01 March 2008

   28 February 2014

   Dr K Thabotharan

   01 March 2014

   To date

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