PhD Students

Mr. T. Kokul

  • Reading for PhD in Computer Science (Peradeniya - Brisbane [Joint])
  • Position: Lecturer (Probationary), Vavuniya Campus, University of Jaffna
  • Proposed Research Title: An Automated Visual Surveillance System for Human Detection
  • Date of Registration: August 2014
  • Supervisors: Dr. (Ms.) U.A.J. Pinidiyaarachchi, Dr. A. Ramanan, Prof. Clinton Fookes and Prof. Sridha Sridharan

Dr. (Mrs.) B. Mayurathan

  • PhD in Computer Science (Peradeniya)
  • Position: Lecturer (Probationary), Department of Computer Science, University of Jaffna
  • Research Title: Efficient and Compact Codebook Design for Scene Analysis and Object Localisation
  • Award of Degree: 2015
  • Supervisors: Dr. (Ms.) U.A.J. Pinidiyaarachchi (University of Peradeniya), Dr. S. Mahesan and Prof. M. Niranjan (University of Southampton, UK)

Dr. (Mrs) K. Chandrasekar

  • PhD in Library Science (Jaffna)
  • Position: Senior Asst. Librarian / Science, University of Jaffna
  • Research Title: Information System for Recording and Reporting of Communicable Diseases in Sri Lanka
  • Award of Degree: 2012
  • Supervisors: Dr. S. Mahesan and Dr. Peter A. Bath (University of Sheffield, UK)